Minnesota Innovation Exchange

Minnesota Innovation Exchange

The Minnesota Innovation Exchange, or The MIX, will be the next hub of innovation and economic development in the Twin Cities, and a destination for students, faculty, staff, neighbors, and the general public. All will feel welcome to enjoy year-round public space activation and a dynamic mixed-use environment that maximizes connections to transit and the University.

When complete, the project will feature approximately three million developed square feet with a variety of uses, including:

  • Best-in-class pedestrian spaces connected to the University‚Äôs dynamic campus
  • Active, curated ground floor uses to enhance the pedestrian experience
  • Opportunities for diverse representation and economic participation
  • Innovative commercial R&D, incubator, and accelerator space for offices and entrepreneurs, to fully support entrepreneurs growing their big ideas in Minneapolis
  • Residential housing and hospitality uses, with a commitment to affordability for those who choose to live in the area

Design that prioritizes people and planet

UMFREA is the master developer for this project. For more information please see the project website here: www.theMIXMN.com