Property management

Property management

As a good steward, UMFREA provides direct financial and operational oversight of and carefully manages UMF’s real estate assets to protect and reinforce the investment in and return to UMF pursuant to the “double bottom line” approach.

UMFREA manages Dinnaken Properties near the University of Minnesota Twin Cities East Bank campus in Minneapolis. Dinnaken Properties is committed to providing quality, affordable housing to serve students in the pursuit of their academic advancement, with a focus on enhancing the student's overall academic and campus experience.

Strengths of the Dinnaken Properties include: high-touch management, including events and programming; expanded security services; and building upgrades. 

We create a safe, comfortable environment that makes it easier for younger students to learn to live independently and for international students to acclimate to the United States. Dinnaken provides onsite management including 24-hour reception staffing (a first job for many of our students), 24-hour maintenance, as well as evening and weekend guard service.

For tenants, this level of service means issues are addressed promptly and standards of conduct are established early and enforced consistently. For management, early attention to issues reduces maintenance costs and negative behavior. Parents, in turn, know that their children are in a safe and well-kept building.

These strengths help to differentiate our properties and ensure that Dinnaken remains a desirable place to live.