History of UMFREA

In June 2007, the estate of James R. Cargill gifted to the University of Minnesota Foundation (UMF) a collection of student housing properties on the eastern edge of the Twin Cities campus in Minneapolis. Known as the Dinnaken Properties and built in the 1990s, these properties set a new standard for quality student housing in the Stadium Village neighborhood and had housed some 19,000 students by the time of the gift.

Valued at $26.7 million, it still stands as one of the largest gifts in the history of the University. It prompted UMF to think more broadly about how real estate gifts, investments, and development can assist the University in fulfilling its mission, leading to the creation of University of MInnesota Real Estate Advisors.

Today, UMFREA honors the legacy of James Cargill as it continues to expand the vision and potential for what the neighborhoods adjacent to campus can provide to the diverse communities they serve.