Current development project

Current development project

The vibrant diversity in the neighborhoods around the University of Minnesota’s East Bank campus is the foundation for a new center of gravity for public-private partnership.

This next hub of innovation and economic development in the Twin Cities will be a destination for students, faculty, staff, neighbors, and the general public. All will feel welcome to enjoy year-round public space activation and a dynamic mixed-use environment that maximizes connections to transit and the University.

When complete, the project will feature approximately three million developed square feet with a variety of uses, including research and development, life sciences, multifamily residential, hospitality, restaurant, entertainment, and similar destination spaces.

Features will include:

  • Significant, best-in-class pedestrian spaces connected to the University’s dynamic campus
  • Active, intentionally curated ground floor uses to enhance the pedestrian experience and ensure opportunities for diverse representation and economic participation
  • Approximately 1.4 million square feet of innovative commercial R&D, incubator, and accelerator space for offices and entrepreneurs, to fully support entrepreneurs growing their big ideas in Minneapolis
  • Approximately 1.4 million square feet of residential housing and hospitality uses, with a commitment to affordability for those who choose to live in the area

Design that prioritizes people and planet

A major design principle will be the creation of a green, sustainable, open, and connected environment that prioritizes pedestrians throughout. The project will include commitments for diverse, locally sourced public art, industry-leading stormwater management and landscape features, intentional passive energy features, and places for the public to mingle and gather. 

With all first-floor experiences owned and curated by UMFREA, the exterior realm will leverage light, connected pedestrian experiences, and urban green space. We will set aspirational models for architectural quality, engineering, and sustainability.

Seeking committed, community-minded partners

This ambitious vision requires government, civic, and private sector partners who share our mission-driven approach to community development and its transformative potential. We will actively engage civic leaders to understand where the goals of elected officials intersect with project plans. 

Private sector partners will be asked to demonstrate a commitment to innovative inclusion, so that the economic and social benefits generated at all phases of the project can be accessed equitably by all who want to live, work, and play here. 


Please direct inquiries to Pat Mascia, UMFREA managing director: 612-382-9714 or [email protected]